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26th February 2018

The Skybuoy team ( is excited to announce their collaborations with Tachyon Aerospace ( and Space2o Aquapreneurs ( With Tachyon Aerospace Skybuoy will provide our forthcoming quantum powered communication system for their Advanced Propulsion System and the spacecraft within which it is deployed.  In collaboration with Space2o the team will develop subaquatic communications.  We are equally excited to announce that these two companies will be our first two clients.

Utilising principles of quantum entanglement, the Skybuoy system will deliver high data speeds without the need for line of sight and with very low latency.  Such capacity will enable real time engine telemetry as well as communications with crew and on-board sensor arrays.  With that in mind, unmanned missions will also be greatly enhanced, as the Skybuoy system will allow remote control of descent modules and planetary rovers.

Space2o AquapreneursAround the world there are numerous extra-planetary activities in planning and development, be it Lunar or Martian colonies, asteroid mining or liaisons with comets and the like.  All of these activities are beset with mission - Earth station communications problems due to distance or transient loss of line of sight.

For example:

At its closest, a Martian colony would be 48.5 million miles (78 million km) from Earth, while at its farthest it would be 235 million miles (378 million km) distant.  When nearer, a message and reply would take 8.6 minutes to make the round trip. When remote, the same message faces a 42-minute lag.  Roughly, every 26 months Earth and Mars are on opposite sides of the sun, and there is a communications blackout that can be as much as 14 days duration.

Under water, the Skybuoy system will facilitate reliable long range communications and control.  Crews and passengers in submersibles will have real-time reliable and secure contact with other underwater and surface craft as well as shore bound stations and individuals.  Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) can be used safely without the need for umbilical connections; often the Achilles heals of such units.

Tachyon's engineSkybuoy is based on known and established technologies, and has been developed and refined since 2011. The system will be ready for demonstration in around three years and we anticipate deployment across all vehicles to which Tachyon Aerospace contribute after that point. In addition the Skybuoy team will develop aerospace communications solutions (e.g. mirroring black box data at base stations), connections for remote communities and secure peer-to-peer telecoms for business.

  • Does not require line of site
  • Long subaquatic range
  • Does not require cable connection
  • No signal degradation
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Ultra-high data transmission
  • Quantum encryption

DeepSeaker DS1 There are still opportunities to become a part of the Skybuoy team and wider family.  If you have interest in reliable, fast and secure communications, contact the team at

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