Skybuoy Limited

White Paper Executive Summary

Skybuoy Limited is a communications technology company, based in the UK. We propose the world’s first commercial application utilising quantum entanglement.

TheSkybuoy system does not require line of sight, or cable connection, and is unaffected by extremes of weather or environment. Infrastructure and energy requirements are minimal. Practically all the bottlenecks or choke points have been eliminated, and the initial offering predicts transfer speeds of 64Gbps, and near zero latency.

Quantum encryption comes built-in and communications are completely unhackable.Skybuoy networks may be standalone if desired, without providing public points of access via the Internet or other network.

Advantages of the Skybuoy system are manifest: -

  • Does not require line of site
  • Does not require cable connection
  • No signal degradation
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Ultra-high data transmission
  • Quantum encryption

Around the world there are numerous extra-planetary activities in planning and development, be it Lunar or Martian colonies, asteroid mining or liaisons with comets and the like.  All of these activities are beset with communications problems due to distance or transient loss of line of sight. Skybuoy is tailor-made to address these issues. Skybuoy will also be developed as a next-generation Black Box “mirror” for the world’s aircraft; provide Internet connection for remote communities; and secure peer-to-peer telecoms for business.

Skybuoy Limited is seeking funds to undertake the development of a working prototype on the Harwell Campus, Oxfordshire, UK. A modest £40mGBP will accomplish this. Skybuoy is based on known and established technologies that have been developed and refined since 2011. The system will be ready for demonstration in around three years.

We already have two companies that have committed to use the Skybuoy system – Tachyon Aerospace and Space2o Aquapreneurs.

Our work has been validated by independent scientific consultant, Phillip Turner PhD.
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“The ideas and concepts developed to support communication via quantum entanglement are most compelling and warrant an in-depth testing, validation and prototype development program.  The Skybuoy concept has the potential to transform the communications industry.”

Please examine our white paper for a more thorough briefing and feel free to contact us if you would like to express your interest as a potential investor and/or customer.