Skybuoy Limited

Skybuoy is the system to answer all communications problems in space exploration.  The team has developed the solutions to the paradoxes and roadblocks needed to utilise ‘spooky action at a distance’:

  • Near instant data transfer
  • High fidelity
  • Impregnable security

There are numerous plans developing for extra-planetary activities, be it Lunar or Martian colonies, asteroid mining or liaisons with comets and the like.  All of these activities are beset with Earth station communications problems due to distance or transient loss of line of sight:

Spooky action at a distance

"Spooky action at a distance,"
one particle seen in two places

At its closest, a Martian colony would be 48.5 million miles (78 million km) from Earth, while at its farthest it would be 235 million miles (378 million km) distant.  When nearer, a message and reply would take 8.6 minutes to make the round trip. When remote, the same message faces a 42-minute lag.  Roughly, every 26 months Earth and Mars are on opposite sides of the sun, and there is a communications blackout that can be as much as 14 days duration.

The Skybuoy team has had expressions of interest from teams developing Martian excursion vehicles, those planning to mine asteroids and operating satellites.

The Skybuoy system is ready to be developed into a demonstrable prototype ready to be dispatched on its first mission into the Cosmos.  A modest £40m GBP is required to accomplish this and so the team seek backers to make this possible. Will you be the one to enable safer exploration of our Solar System and even beyond?